Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Power Systems

1. Why Goodhew ?

Proving to be the Redlands’ most popular solar company, Goodhew Electrical and Solar have been an established residential and commercial solar installer for the past 10 years. We present an absolute complete package – we take care of all Energex connections, as well as all servicing and warranty issues for a period of five years. Choosing Goodhew to install your solar means only the finest quality equipment will be installed, by our accredited solar installers. We have serviced the greater Brisbane area and provided commercial solar systems in a range of different sizes, for a range of different clients.

2. I don’t believe in solar, why should I get it ?

Solar power is one of the best ways to help reduce your electricity bills and your carbon footprint. Contrary to popular belief, solar systems work alongside your grid connected power, meaning electricity will still be available to your property in the event of a black out, for example. The system design and panel placement is carefully considered to take full advantage of the orientation of your roof, and maximise your solar production. The panels then harness energy from the sun and send this energy on-demand to your property, with any remaining energy represented as a discount on your power bill. Powering your premises through the sun’s renewable energy is one of the best ways to look after our planet.

3. How do I know the solar system is going to work ?

It is easy to question the effectiveness of solar, having never been exposed to the true workings of a solar system. Here in Australia, we receive the best source of solar radiation in the world, and so you know, if a solar system is going to work anywhere, it will work here. On an average sunny day, a 1kW solar system will produce roughly 4.2kWh of energy. Multiply this by the size of a system, and it is easy to calculate the amount of energy your solar system is capable of producing.

4. What are the savings I could make with a solar, and is it still worth it now that the feed-in tariff is gone ?

The more energy your solar system produces during the day, the more offset you will receive on your power bill. After the installation of a 36kW system, Clegg Media experienced a 75,67% price drop from their last electricity bill before solar, to the first bill post-solar. Many people may question the effectiveness of solar now that the Government’s feed-in tariff scheme has ended. Despite this, commercial solar systems are one of the best investments available, with the aforementioned client yielding a staggering return on investment of over 30%.

5. Will I receive the same benefits on my power bill ?

All customers are guaranteed to reap the rewards associated with installing a solar system. Most of our clients experience an average return on investment of between 20-30%, followed by a 2-5 year pay-back period. Additionally, every system we install is meticulously designed and customised to fit the plethora of roof spaces we are presented. We provide commercial solar proposals FREE OF CHARGE. These proposals allow us to recommend an appropriately-sized solar system for your needs, through the analysis of your electricity bills and usage habits.

If you are interested to see the benefits of a solar system fitted on your commercial property, we can provide a solar proposal and analysis, free of charge. All we need is one power bill. This analysis will be handled with 10 years solar experience, providing you with an almost 100% correct projection of your savings.

6. Is my solar system covered by a warranty ?

Goodhew Solar warrants all products installed to be free from defective, and all parts and workmanship to be in good working order for a period of 5 years, commencing from the date of installation.

7. What does my warranty cover ?

All inverters have a 5 year manufacturers’ warranty. If there is any product defect we shall repair or replace. All labour is covered as long as it is a warranty for the 5yrs.

Panels have a 25 year power output warranty: 10 years / 90%, 25 years / 80% 12 year material and workmanship warranty & are certified for sea mist.

8. Are Solar panels and inverters tested to Australian quality standards ?

Yes all products are test and accredited by the Clean Energy Council who over see the solar industry.

9. Will my solar panels withstand extreme weather conditions ?

Solar is durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions like falling hail? Todays high quality solar PV panels usually come equipped with laminate, glass, or acrylic casing to protect the crystalline cells underneath. Under test conditions, these protected panels can withstand high velocity hail pellets shot from pneumatic guns.