Clegg Media

Clegg Media have spent years dealing with enormous power bills which has been unavoidable due to the large amount of equipment that they need to run throughout the day.

Barry from Clegg Media described the solar quoting process with Goodhew as painless and easy to understand. Barry commented that there was very limited interruption to Clegg’s day-to- day operations whilst the system was being installed. With such a large investment, Clegg Media were especially concerned about workmanship, the quality of the components, and the return on investment. Having had experience with our company for a number of years, Barry has said that we were the ‘obvious choice for Solar’.

The 36KW system is comprised of 122 x 300w Panels, 6 x 5KW Inverters and Tilt Racking. Clegg Media’s power bill has reduced dramatically since the installation of solar as you can see below.