Goodhew Electrical and Solar have been installing Commercial Solar Systems for a long time so you can trust we will be able to successfully improve your businesses power bill. We work with you to design a system that best suits your,and your businesses needs and budget. Every commercial project is different and the time needs to be spent making sure that you are getting a system that is right for you. We want to see your electricity bill reduced & we want the pay off period to be as quick as possible for you. This is why we only use the best of products. With the Fronius Eco Inverters your system can be completely monitored on-line so that you can see every hour, every day, every week just how much power your system is generating & then how much of it is going to your usage & how much is going back to the grid. This is very smart technology.

To find out how your business can benefit from solar & how much solar can benefit you, contact us today or send us a copy of your latest power bill to We then can thenorganise a time that suits to come & discuss with you the best option and give you a detailed quote including the figures on a return investment.

Commercial Solar Panels

Redland City Council

30kW System
(94 x 315w Panels &1 x Fronius 27kW Inverter)

Meridian Plastics


67kW System
(207 x 315w Panels & 2 x Fronius 27kW Inverters)

Clegg Media

36kW System
(122 x 300w Panels & 6 x 5kW Inverters)

Redlands Clinic

40.5kW System
(135 x 300w Panels & 4 x 9kW Inverters)

The Water’s Edge Apartments

35kW System
(144 x 250w Panels &6 x 5kW Inverters)

Queensland Elevators

12kW System
(40 x 300w Panels & 9kW Inverter)

Cleveland Bowls Club

31.2kW System
(156 x 200w Panels & 8 x 4kW Inverters)

Goodhew Electrical & Solar

40kW System
(200 x 200w Panels &6 x 5kW Inverters)
plus, a 10kw hybrid system

Euro Natural

30kW System
(100 x 300w Panels & 3 x 9kW Inverters)

Coomera Club House #1

30.5kW System
(100 x 305w Panels & 5 x 5kW Inverters)

Coomera Club House #2

37.2kW System
(122 x 305w Panels & 6 x 5kW Inverters)

Stradbroke Island Butchery

20kW System
(66 x 300w panels and 1 x 6kW inverter plus 1 x 9kW Inverter)

ST Paul’s Anglican Church Manly

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 8.52

30.5kW System
(16 x 200w panels & a 5kW Inverter)

Blue Dolphin Holiday Resort


171kW System
(108 x 315w | 264 x 270w panels & 3 27kw inverter)

My Power bills are huge, what can be done?

Most often, commercial premises possess an incredible amount of roof space, perfect for designing and installing a commercial solar power system to cover your daytime usage. If your usage is a combination of daytime and night time usage, a hybrid (battery) system may be more suitable, however having your daytime usage covered will still certainly reduce the impact that these bills have. You can find out more about our hybrid systems here.

As we are both energy saving professionals and commercial solar installers, allow us to talk with you about all the ways we can help reduce the cost of power at your commercial premises. There are a number of ways that we can lower your bills and we would love a chance to discuss. Please fill out the following form, and we will get our team to contact you regarding a quote for a commercial solar panel installation.

Please fill out the following form below to send us your request and we’ll contact you at a time that suits you best Or call us Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm.

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