Why is Maintenance on my Solar System important?

Your solar system is working in the background doing what it does best. Sometimes you forget that it is even there until you get your electricity bill. Whilst these systems are built tough & the panels are made to survive all weather conditions, just like your car, these systems need regular servicing. Regular servicing ensures that you are getting the best out of your system. Your panels are just like your kitchen windows and need to be cleaned at least annually for the best production. Because you can’t always see your panels, you don’t really know if they are covered in grim, leaves or even bird droppings. All of these things affect their efficiency.

How long does the Maintenance & Clean take & do I need to be home?

Our experienced and specially trained solar technicians will do the maintenance in approximately 2 hours. This gives them the time to thoroughly check & test everything. The technicians will need to access your switchboard & inverter, if these are somewhere that they can access without you being at home then it is not necessary for you to be there, however if the switchboard &/or inverter are locked up then you will need to be home to give them access.

The following takes place during this service:

  • A thorough clean of your panels
  • A thorough clean of your inverter to ensure that the inverter stays at the correct working temperature
  • The isolators/circuit breakers are checked for water ingress, checked that they are operational and all terminations are secure
  • Electrical joints are checked for heat & cracking
  • Electrical cables are checked to make sure they are safe & secured
  • Inverter is tested to ensure it is operating at peak performance
  • Kw/h production tests of your system, to ensure it still meets expected energy outputs
  • We check for shading issues
  • Inspection of all safety warning labels

For the average 5kW system, intake per day is 21kWs. To check this you will need to change the screen on your inverter to the E-Today, this will show you the amount of kWs per day. The best time to check this is in the afternoon after a clear sunny day. We recommend you check it at 5:00pm, as it will show you an accurate reading for the whole day.

If it is reading a considerable amount under 21kWs on a clear sunny day then we will need to send someone out to check the system for you. Please keep in mind that weather does affect these readings.

Problems in the System?

There are many reasons for a problem with your solar system:

  • A string or wires in the system may be broken or not connected
  • Panels may be dirty or damaged – (We recommend a maintenance every once a year to keep your panels clean)
  • May be fault or error in the inverter itself

To schedule a maintenance and service appointment either fill out below service request form or contact our service department on 07 3286 1422 Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm.

Are there any fault lights flashing or error codes displayed ?

Was your system installed by Goodhew ?

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