Meridian Plastics

Meridian Plastics is a plastic extrusion company that makes all sorts of plastic products. Being a manufacturer of goods and with the amount of machinery required to run on a day to day basis their electricity bill was rather large. Martin, the owner of Meridian Plastics wanted to utilise his entire roof space and install the largest system that he could in order to reduce his electricity bill. The roof space was flat yet his quarterly power bills were consistent all year round. To maximise the power of the solar system and maximise the roof space we tilted the panels 30 degrees north which means that this system preforms at its peak even through winter.

Being a 3 story high building the only way to access the roof was by a cherry picker. This is important to consider when looking at solar for your building as many companies will quote you on installing panels at the required 10 degree tilt, as this is a far quicker and cheaper way of installing. The long term losses through performance with this style of install will cost you massively in the long run as it is difficult to reach the panels when servicing and the dirt builds up on the panels making them less efficient. With a 30 degree tilt the rain washes the dirt away & servicing is made simpler as you can access all of the panels and they are by far more efficient in winter when the sun is not as high in the sky making your system more efficient throughout the entire year.