Solar Hot Water Systems Installation

What variety of Solar Hot Water do you offer?

At Goodhew Electrical and Solar we offer the Evacuated-Tube technology for our hot water systems. Evacuated-Tube systems are split, meaning that you have part of the system on the roof, with the tank and pump on the ground in replacement to your existing Gas or Electric tank.

Why Evacuated-Tube systems?

Evacuated-Tube systems are able to attract more of the sun with their cylindrical shape & are more efficient in transferring heat. Throughout the entire day, heat is being generated and transferred into the copper header for distribution to the tank.

They are superior as they can extract the heat out of the air on a humid day and do not need direct sunlight unlike flat panel solar collectors, which means that they continue to work well even in overcast conditions. The technology in these systems allows you to comfortably rely on Solar for your hot water most of the year. It is rare that an electrical boost is needed with Evacuated-Tubes.

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