Solar Hybrid systems are quickly becoming standard across residential and commercial installations. Solar Hybrid Systems enable you to maintain your grid-connectivity; however you will rarely need to consume power from it.

How a Hybrid Solar System Works

A Solar Hybrid System is capable of powering your home as well as charging batteries during the day, and then allowing you to draw off those batteries to cover your night-time usage. This is perfect for cases where nobody is home during the day, thus leaving a dominant chunk of their power usage to night-time.

We are proudly using Melbourne Based company ‘Selectronics’ in conjuction with our standard solar brands, to deliver an effective and efficient Hybrid system.

Hybrid Solar System Display

Goodhew Electrical & Solar have a functional Hybrid system on display at our office in Cleveland, and invite all interested customers to visit us, and see it working first hand.

Or contact us for a quote.